Sherwood Colliery Swimming Club


Top Tips for Swimmers

Before Training - It is good to warm and stretch your muscles before training to warm the body through and prepare it for exercise.

  • To do this you can do blood flow exercises such as arm circles, squats, light jogging.
  • And stretches for areas such as calves, quads, biceps, triceps, back.
  • All Stretches should be held for a minimum of 8 seconds.
  • All stretches should be felt but should never hurt.
  • Avoid a heavy meal within an hour before the session.

During Training Before returning home.

  • Always bring a drink to training (Preferably water or fruit squash)
  • Always arrive on time with any kit you may own (Float, Pull Buoy, Flippers, Hat, Goggles and Drinks Bottle)
  • Ask questions if you are unsure

After Training Before returning home.

  • Collect your belongings and rinse with fresh water to prevent them from developing odour.
  • Drink plenty to re-hydrate your body.

During A Gala

  • Always wear Sherwood Kit.
  • Bring plenty of drinks to remain hydrated throughout the event.
  • Eat high energy snacks such as Bananas, Jelly, Lucozade drinks and high energy bars.

Technical Tips

  • Borrow books, videos and information from the club library to help you to improve your strokes and analyse strokes of professional swimmers.

Log Books- whether it be during each training session or for personal best times

  • Take regular notes on training, sets and make targets to improve on in the future.

Set Targets- whether it be during each training session or for personal best times

  • Set realistic short term goals.
  • Once goals are achieved, sustain them and look to progress further.
  • Ask for help with goal setting from your coaches.