Your First Visit


1. Contact [email protected] who will ensure that the correct details are taken¬†and invite you to the relevant trials session.

2. On arrival, the club official on the desk, will register you and discuss ongoing monetary arrangements should you wish to become a member.

3. You will then be directed to the changing rooms and a member of the coaching staff will be informed of your arrival.

4. On poolside, make yourself known to Ian Negus, Head Coach, or any of the other coaching staff (for pictures please see coaches page), who will welcome you and advise you of the most appropriate lane to swim in for your first visit.

5. Remember to have fun and enjoy your swimming experience with us.

6. After the session, your coach will review & discuss your ability and advise you which session(s) would be best for you to attend.

7. All information about the Club can be found on the notice board at Rebecca Adlington Swimming Centre, Water Meadows or online.

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